Trustee Election

The Bloomfield Public Library has two Board of Trustee positions that are open for election for the 2020-2021 year. The Library Board consist of a total seven (7) trustees, elected or appointed in accordance with the library’s By-laws and relevant law.

A Trustee candidate must be a legal resident of the Bloomfield Central School District of Ontario County, New York (the “District”), must be a qualified voter of the District, and must otherwise meet the requirements for election as a trustee set forth in applicable provisions of Education Law.

The length of each trustee term is three (3) years. Elected trustees assume their duties on July 1st following their election and serve until June 30th of the last year of their term.

Trustees participate in monthly board meetings, typically held on the third Monday of each month. Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Regularly plan and evaluate the library’s service program based on community needs;
  • Secure adequate funding for the library’s service program;
  • Exercise fiduciary responsibility for the use of public and private funds;
  • Adopt policies and rules regarding library governance and use;
  • Maintain a facility that meets the library’s and community’s needs;
  • Promote the library in the local community and in society in general;
  • Conduct the business of the library in an open and ethical manner in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with respect for the institution, staff and public.

The 2020-2021 Trustee election will be completed via mailing due to the COVID-19 health concerns. Additionally there is no petition this year for Trustee candidates. To be included on the ballot for the Bloomfield Public Library Board of Trustees positions, so long as they meet the requirements, interested individuals must call Debbie Robinson, the District Clerk, before 2pm on Friday, May 8, 2020. Debbie Robinson can be reached at the Bloomfield Central School District Office at 585-657-6121 x4004.

Questions can be directed to Margo Prak, Library Director at 585-657-6264 or