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Library Renovation!

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The Bloomfield Public Library building remains closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to move forward with our planned renovation project, which was originally scheduled to begin earlier this year. The purpose of this interior renovation is to make the library more accessible and to complete needed updates.

Much has changed since the library building was completed and opened at 9 Church Street in 1988. In that time the library has not embarked on any significant internal renovation projects. The original workstations for public computers are located in the center of the library where the original card catalogs had been. The public computer stations are not designed with accessibility in mind and offer no privacy to users. The main circulation desk, also in the center of the library, is designed as a standing desk only and is not usable to patrons with accessibility needs or children.

This project will relocate the public computers to a counter area that will be much more private, have fewer distractions, and will accommodate workstation chairs or wheelchairs. The project will also replace the current circulation desk with a new desk that provides both a standing station as well as an ADA accessible station.

Making these changes will necessitate the replacement of the current flooring and some painting. Once this project is complete, the library will be more accessible, easier for all patrons and staff to use, and offer more privacy for computer users.

In 2018 the library applied for a New York State Construction Aid Grant. We received funding from the state to cover 75% of the project. The remaining 25% of the planned project cost will be supplied by a fund set aside over the past years by the library Board of Trustees for construction purposes. The 2020-2021 proposed budget increase has no bearing on this project.

The original project timeline was interrupted by New York State on PAUSE and the subsequent library building closure. Our updated aim is to complete much of the renovation work while the library remains closed to the public and have patron services resume in accordance with the library’s reopening plans. During the closure and renovation project, our top priority will be, as always, the health and safety of patrons, staff, and contractors.

We look forward to seeing you in person and sharing the newly renovated library with you as soon as possible!

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2020-2021 Budget Information

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The Bloomfield Public Library is asking residents of the Bloomfield Central School District to vote on the library’s 2020-2021 funding. The library is asking voters to vote on a $171,750 tax levy, which represents a 4.09 % overall budget increase from the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  The library has not asked voters for an increase in the tax levy since becoming a school district public library in 2018. This increase in the library tax will be approximately $0.02 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The library has operated at the same budgetary level since 2018, while in that same timeframe the minimum wage rates have increased approximately 13%. In order to maintain the current level of library services and to plan for the future, the library needs to be able to keep up with State mandated wage increases.

Details for the 2020-2021 Bloomfield Public Library Budget can be found here.

If the vote PASSES, what can be expected?

  • The library will continue to purchase new materials, including bestsellers, movies, ebooks, YA and Children’s materials, and magazines.
  • The library will be able to expand offerings of programming events and classes for all ages, including early literacy and summer reading programs.
  • The library will maintain the current level of computer and internet access, tutoring, and meeting room availability.
  • The library will continue to collaboration with schools and community organizations.

If the Vote FAILS, what can be expected?

  • Fewer new books, ebooks, movies, and magazines will be purchased
  • Longer wait times for holds.
  • The library’s service hours will be reduced.
  • Programing events and classes will be cut for adults, teens, and children and technology help may be reduced.
  • Computer and internet access, tutoring and meeting room availability may all be negatively impacted

The proposed budget enables us to continue serving the Bloomfield community in a fiscally responsible manner, while reflecting our mission to educate and enrich by providing essential resources and opportunities.

Important Information about the vote

As per the East Bloomfield Central School District legal notice, in accordance with Executive Order 202.26, at least one (1) absentee ballot shall be provided per household for the 2020 annual meeting. If a household requires additional ballots, please contact the District Clerk at 585-657-6121 extension 4004 or A list of persons to whom absentee ballots have been issued will be available for inspection in the District Clerk’s Office, during regular business hours, during each of the five (5) days prior to the election, except Sundays, and shall also be posted at the door of the polling place(s) on June 9, 2020. Absentee ballots must be received by the District Clerk by 5:00 p.m. on June 9, 2020.

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Trustee Election

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The Bloomfield Public Library has two Board of Trustee positions that are open for election for the 2020-2021 year. The Library Board consist of a total seven (7) trustees, elected or appointed in accordance with the library’s By-laws and relevant law.

A Trustee candidate must be a legal resident of the Bloomfield Central School District of Ontario County, New York (the “District”), must be a qualified voter of the District, and must otherwise meet the requirements for election as a trustee set forth in applicable provisions of Education Law.

The length of each trustee term is three (3) years. Elected trustees assume their duties on July 1st following their election and serve until June 30th of the last year of their term.

Trustees participate in monthly board meetings, typically held on the third Monday of each month. Trustee responsibilities include:

  • Regularly plan and evaluate the library’s service program based on community needs;
  • Secure adequate funding for the library’s service program;
  • Exercise fiduciary responsibility for the use of public and private funds;
  • Adopt policies and rules regarding library governance and use;
  • Maintain a facility that meets the library’s and community’s needs;
  • Promote the library in the local community and in society in general;
  • Conduct the business of the library in an open and ethical manner in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with respect for the institution, staff and public.

The 2020-2021 Trustee election will be completed via mailing due to the COVID-19 health concerns. Additionally there is no petition this year for Trustee candidates. To be included on the ballot for the Bloomfield Public Library Board of Trustees positions, so long as they meet the requirements, interested individuals must call Debbie Robinson, the District Clerk, before 2pm on Friday, May 8, 2020. Debbie Robinson can be reached at the Bloomfield Central School District Office at 585-657-6121 x4004.

Questions can be directed to Margo Prak, Library Director at 585-657-6264 or

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